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A new optical-fiber-based spectrofluorometer for in vivo or in vitro detection of delayed fluorescence is presented and characterized. This compact setup is designed so that it can be readily adapted for future clinical use. Optical excitation is done with a nitrogen laser-pumped, tunable dye laser, emitting in the UV-vis part of the spectrum. Excitation(More)
Multimodal imaging probes can provide diagnostic information combining different imaging modalities. Nanoparticles (NPs) can contain two or more imaging tracers that allow several diagnostic techniques to be used simultaneously. In this work, a complex coacervation process to produce core-shell completely biocompatible polymeric nanoparticles (HyCoS) for(More)
<italic>This paper reports on the principles underlying the semantic and pedagogic interoperability mechanisms built in the European Knowledge Pool System, developed by the European research project ARIADNE. This system, which is the central feature of ARIADNE, consists in a distributed repository of pedagogical documents (or learning objects) of diverse(More)
Tissular oxygen concentration plays a key role during photodynamic therapy (PDT). Therefore, monitoring its local oxygen partial pressure (pO2) may help predict and/or control the outcome of a PDT treatment. The first real-time, in vivo measurements of the pO2 in the chicken egg’s chorioallantoic membrane, using the delayed fluorescence of photoactivable(More)
This paper presents an overview of the design, first implementation and evaluation of hypertext based Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Pascal courseware. The courseware is implemented using the WebDidact system, which is based on the World Wide Web. The MCQs are written in a simple language that allows the author to use HTML markup tags within the question(More)
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