Eddy El Tabach

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The pressure drop across metallic porous medium is a critical element in cooling aerospace engineering application. This paper presents a metamodel based on artificial neural networks (ANN) for estimating the pressure drop through metallic porous media. The ANN is developed using experimental data obtained from an experimental bench, developed at PRISME(More)
Eddy El Tabach, Khaled Chetehouna, Nicolas Gascoin, Florian Gaschet, Guillaume Fau. Modeling the spatio-temporal evolution of permeability during coking of porous material. 20th AIAA International Space Planes and Hypersonic Systems and Technologies Conference (Hypersonics 2015), 6-9 July 2015, Glasgow, Scotland, AIAA-2015-3664, 2015, glasgow, France. 2015,(More)
Hydrocarbon fuels appear as good candidates for cooling purpose within aerospace applications. Fuel flows through permeable structures. Thus, internal convection cooling is reinforced by chemical kinetics (endothermic effect of fuel pyrolysis). Perfectly tuned conditions may thus rapidly change due to unexpected coke formation that will clogged the pores of(More)
Within the framework of fuel cells, porous materials are used for filtration purpose. Determining physical properties like porosity and permeability are of utmost importance to predict and to manage filtration efficiency of the materials. The permeability of materials is often determined experimentally in laboratory with disc samples (outlet of the flow is(More)
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