Eddy Collin

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Deformation of aerogel strongly modifies the orientation of the order parameter of superfluid (3)He confined in aerogel. We used a radial squeezing of aerogel to keep the orbital angular momentum of the (3)He Cooper pairs in the plane perpendicular to the magnetic field. We did not find strong evidence for a polar phase, with a nodal line along the equator(More)
We present measurements of the resonant microwave excitation of Rydberg energy levels for surface-state electrons on superfluid helium. The temperature-dependent contribution to the linewidth gamma(T) agrees with theoretical predictions and is very small below 700 mK, in the ripplon scattering regime. Absorption saturation and power broadening were observed(More)
We report on experiments performed at low temperatures on aluminum covered silicon nanoelectromechanical resonators. The substantial difference observed between the mechanical dissipation in the normal and superconducting states measured within the same device unambiguously demonstrates the importance of normal-state electrons in the damping mechanism. The(More)
We measure the interaction between ⁴He gas at 4.2 K and a high-quality nanoelectromechanical string device for its first three symmetric modes (resonating at 2.2, 6.7, and 11 MHz with quality factor Q>0.1×10⁶) over almost 6 orders of magnitude in pressure. This fluid can be viewed as the best experimental implementation of an almost ideal monoatomic and(More)
He adsorbed on Graphite enables to create model 2D ferromagnetic Heisenberg systems. The exchange energies are of the order of 2 mK, typical sizes on the order of a thousand spins. By adding He (which is non magnetic) to the system, one can tune the effective size of one ferromagnetic domain. Up to now, the theoretical tools available did not allow a(More)
We present a specific heat measurement technique adapted to thin or very thin suspended membranes from low temperature (8 K) to 300 K. The presented device allows the measurement of the heat capacity of a 70 ng silicon nitride membrane (50 or 100 nm thick), corresponding to a heat capacity of 1.4 × 10(-10) J/K at 8 K and 5.1 × 10(-8) J/K at 300 K.(More)
The Spin Supercurrent and Bose-Einstein condensation of magnons similar to an atomic BEC was observed in 1984 in superfluid He-B. Recently we discovered 2 new types of BEC in superfluid He in deformed aerogel. The orbital part of the wave function orients along the deformation and changes the magnon-magnon interaction. In some cases it forms a magnon trap.(More)