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One of the most frequently encountered assertions concerning the concept of social dominance is that high rank confers priority of access to resources. There have been few systematic studies to document the reliability of this relationship. We report a recent study in which the hypothesis of close linkage between social rank and access to resources was(More)
IFN-gamma regulates various aspects of rodent peritoneal mast cell function, including mediator release, cell growth, TNF-alpha-mediated cytotoxicity, and MHC class II expression. We investigated whether the suppressive action of IFN-gamma on IgE/Ag-mediated degranulation of mast cells is mediated via synthesis of nitric oxide. Incubation of mouse(More)
Neonatal rat ultrasound repetition rates were monitored in response to 6 odor cues, including 1 novel, 2 predator, and 3 conspecific olfactory stimuli. Contrary to predictions of previous studies, predator odor did not elicit consistently low call rates. A significant difference was detected between litters tested with the same odor cue for the foreign and(More)
The effects of ovariectomy with or without supplementary treatment with estradiol benzoate (EB) and progesterone on reproductive behavior and organ weights were studied in adult lemmings. The sex behavior of intact diestrous and untreated castrated females was similar, and both groups behaved differently from intact estrous females in terms of scores for(More)
When tested in a Y-maze olfactometer, sexually experienced and sexually naive brown and collared lemmings (Lemmus sibiricus = trimucronatus and Dicrostonyx groenlandicus) preferred the odor of conspecific females to the odor of females of another species. Both experienced and naive males also preferred the odor of conspecific females to that of conspecific(More)