Eddie Yin-Kwee Ng

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Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women. It occurs when cells in the breast start to grow out of proportion and invade neighboring tissues or spread throughout the body. Mammography is one of the most effective and popular modalities presently used for breast cancer screening and detection. Efforts have been made to improve the accuracy(More)
Although there are several excellent indexes of myocardial contractility, they require accurate measurement of pressure via left ventricular (LV) catheterization. Here we validate a novel noninvasive contractility index that is dependent only on lumen and wall volume of the LV chamber in patients with normal and compromised LV ejection fraction (LVEF). By(More)
This study develops contractility indices in terms of the left ventricular (LV) ellipsoidal geometrical shape-factor. The contractility index (CONT1) is given by the maximum value dsigma(*)/dt wherein sigma(*)=sigma/P, sigma is the wall stress, and sigma(*) is expressed in terms of the shape factor S (the ratio of the minor axis and major axis, B/A, of the(More)
There has been much characterization of the heart as a pump by means of models based on elastance and compliance. The present paper puts forward the new concept of time-varying passive and active elastance. The biomechanical basis of cyclic elastances of the left ventricle (LV) is presented. Elastance is defined in terms of the relationship between(More)
Engineering has been playing an important role in serving and advancing healthcare. The term "Healthcare Engineering" has been used by professional societies, universities, scientific authors, and the healthcare industry for decades. However, the definition of "Healthcare Engineering" remains ambiguous. The purpose of this position paper is to present a(More)
BACKGROUND In this paper, the left ventricle (LV) is modeled as a cylinder with myocardial fibers located helically within its wall. A fiber is modeled into myocardial structural units (MSUs); the core entity of each MSU is the sarcomeric contractile element. The relationship between the sarcomere unit's contractile force and shortening velocity is(More)
According to the WHO report published in 2010, about 13% of all deaths are due to cancer. Of these, lung, liver, stomach, colon and breast cancer are the most prevalent. It was also reported that about 30% of the deaths due to cancer can be avoided, if diagnosed and treated early. Hence, there is an urgent need to diagnose these cancers efficiently. Various(More)
OBJECTIVES This study uses a fluid-structure interaction (FSI) simulation to evaluate the fluid flow in a dental intrapulpal chamber induced by the deformation of the tooth structure during loading in various directions. METHODS The FSI is used for the biomechanics simulation of dental intrapulpal responses with the force loading gradually increasing from(More)
Three-dimensional blood flow in a human left ventricle is studied via a computational analysis with magnetic resonance imaging of the cardiac motion. Formation, growth and decay of vortices during the myocardial dilation are analyzed with flow patterns on various diametric planes. They are dominated by momentum transfer during flow acceleration and(More)