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An overview of the results of the Australian Burden of Disease (ABD) study is presented. The ABD study was the first to use methodology developed for the Global Burden of Disease study to measure the burden of disease and injury in a developed country. In 1996, mental disorders were the main causes of disability burden, responsible for nearly 30% of total(More)
This is an overview of the first burden of disease and injury studies carried out in Australia. Methods developed for the World Bank and World Health Organization Global Burden of Disease Study were adapted and applied to Australian population health data. Depression was found to be the top-ranking cause of non-fatal disease burden in Australia, causing 8%(More)
OBJECTIVE Evidence of a relation between use of lipid lowering drugs and cognitive outcomes is mixed. This study aimed to test the association between use of statins and incidence of dementia and cognitive impairment without dementia (CIND) over 5 years of follow-up. METHODS Data were from a population-based cohort study comprising 1,789 older Mexican(More)
lyzed our study population by dividing the births within each gestational age category into smaller and larger birth weights by their z score of birth weight by gestational age. Adjusting for gestational week within each category as well as year of birth, larger infants did have the best survival for any given gestational age. For 22 to 27, 28 to 32, 33 to(More)
From July 1992 to May 1993 a study was performed of the relationship between bacteraemia, nutritional status and HIV status in 212 out of 334 consecutive infants and children aged 0–5 years, who had died at home in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The remainding 122 children were excluded because the time period between death and arrival at the hospital was over 3 h. A(More)
SETTING Laos, where the implementation of a national tuberculosis program started in 1995. OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence (P) and annual risk of tuberculosis infection (ARTI) and relate this to case rates in the tuberculosis program. METHODS Tuberculin survey in schools in Vientiane municipality and three provinces. Sampling was not(More)