Eddie Solis

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One hundred and ninety-six hospitalized patients were randomly assigned to one of eight treatment groups consisting of oral or intramuscular analgesics and placebo. Patients were monitored for 6 hours for pain relief, vital signs, and side effects. No statistically significant differences in pain intensity or relief were seen for nefopam (Acupan),(More)
BACKGROUND The locked-in syndrome is defined as quadriplegia and anarthria (loss of articulate speech) with the preservation of consciousness. It is typically caused by a lesion to the ventral pons. Conversion disorder is the deficit of voluntary motor or sensory function requiring an extensive work-up to exclude any organic cause. METHODS AND RESULTS(More)
Secundary tumors of the paranasal sinus are very uncommon with only one hundred cases reported in the literature up to 2001. The commonest site of the primary tumor is the kidney. The maxillary sinus is most often involved. The Sphenoid sinus is the rarest site. We report a rare case of metastasis to the sphenoid sinces from a transitional cell bladder(More)
Papillar lymphomatous cystoadenoma on the neck as first stage of development. Other lesions of this nature in atypical areas as larynx, minor salivary glands or oropharynx has been described, but is not frequent on heterotopic location so peculiar. In that case the real diagnostic problem was the differential with neck masses. Description of the case and(More)
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