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Last year, the original Glucocorticoid Receptor Resource was expanded into a comprehensive project: the Nuclear Receptor Resource (NRR, http:// nrr.georgetown.edu/nrr/nrr.html ). The NRR has since been offering comprehensive information on nuclear receptor structure and function, as well as general facts of interest to the scientific community on meetings,(More)
We have expanded the original Glucocorticoid Receptor Resource (GRR) database to include several individual resources as part of a larger project called the Nuclear Receptor Resource (NRR). In addition to the GRR, the NRR currently features the Thyroid Hormone Receptor Resource, the Androgen Receptor Resource, the Mineralocorticoid Receptor Resource, the(More)
Since the hepatotoxic role of toluene in exposed workers from the petroleum and petrochemical industries chronically exposed to low concentration has no been entirely dilucidated, this transversal study was undertaken in order to clarify the situation in the local industries. A group of 33 non-exposed men workers of such industries (group control, aged 33.0(More)
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