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Through interpretations of remote-sensing data and/or theoretical propositions, the idea that forest and savanna represent “alternative stable states” is gaining increasing acceptance. Filling an(More)
The Cerrado stands out from other savannas of the world for hosting the highest biodiversity and for its ongoing massive destruction. Savannas on plain relief and with deep soils (DS) in Central(More)
In South America, the largest area of tropical savanna is the Brazilian Cerrado biome, which encompasses a considerable range of environmental variation, with different types of soil, geology,(More)
A number of studies have focused on the species composition and diversity of the woody vegetation of the “Cerrado”, but few comparative data are available on the flora or the structure of different(More)
The Cerrado Biome is considered one of the world's biodiversity hotspots because of its rich biodiversity, the high level of endemism and the increasing threat. The Cerrado is composed by a mosaic of(More)