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Leveraging MEMS’s inherent advantages such as batch fabrication technique, small size, integratability, and scalability, MEMS is positioned to become the dominant technology in optical crossconnect switches. MEMS optical switches with complex movable 3D mechanical structures, micro-actuators, and micro-optics can be monolithically integrated on the same(More)
This brief presents a new quadrature phase-shift keying (QPSK) modulator for Bluetooth applications with an optimal transaction bandwidth control. The modulator reduces the bandwidth of the modulated carrier by minimizing their transition sharpness. CMOS active transformers are developed and utilized in quadrature oscillator and multiplexer of the modulator(More)
This paper presents a new over-sampling sigma delta modulator for WiMAX applications using an active inductor based loop filter and CCO. The loop filter is composed of floating active inductors and offers several key advantages over its MIM capacitor loop filter counterpart including an adjustable bandwidth, an adjustable quality factor, an extremely small(More)
A new BPSK modulator for BlueTooth applications is presented. The proposed modulator minimizes the bandwidth of the modulated carrier by minimizing the degree of sharpness of the transactions of modulated carrier. To avoid the drawbacks of large silicon area requirement of passive spiral inductors and transformers, CMOS active transformers are developed(More)
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