Eddie Holm

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Because redox-regulated signalling pathways are often modulated by the thiol/disulfide redox state (REDST), changes in plasma REDST may possibly account for pathological processes. We, therefore, investigated the mechanisms that account for changes in the plasma REDST as derived in first approximation from the cystine and acid soluble thiol (mainly(More)
The combination of abnormally low plasma cystine and glutamine levels, low natural killer (NK) cell activity, skeletal muscle wasting or muscle fatigue, and increased rates of urea production defines a complex of abnormalities that is tentatively called "low CG syndrome." These symptoms are found in patients with HIV infection, cancer, major injuries,(More)
Abnormally low intramuscular glutamate and glutathione (GSH) levels and/or a decreased muscular uptake of glutamate by the skeletal muscle tissue have previously been found in malignant diseases and simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) infection and may contribute to the development of cachexia. We tested the hypothesis that an impaired mitochondrial energy(More)
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