Eddie C Cheung

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GOALS To measure bloating score, flatus passage, and hydrogen production after oral fructose in patients with history of fruit intolerance and compare these parameters with those in normal controls. BACKGROUND Some patients complain of abdominal distention and excessive flatus after ingesting certain fruits such as mango, persimmon, and grapes but not(More)
INTRODUCTION Loss of HBeAg and development of anti-HBe (seroconversion) is seen as a milestone and endpoint in the treatment of HBeAg-positive patients with chronic hepatitis B (CHB). Among patients treated with nucleos(t)ide analogs (NA), recurrent viremia is common after discontinuation of therapy. Entecavir (ETV) and tenofovir (TDF) are highly potent NA.(More)
The views, opinions, and/or findings contained in this report are those of The MITRE Corporation and should not be construed as an official Government position, policy, or decision, unless designated by other documentation. ABSTRACT Digitally assisted collaboration is an emerging paradigm for the next generation of information systems. Computer-Supported(More)
Anesthesiologists routinely are exposed to occupational hazards, such as hepatitis B and C, which are potentially lethal. The development of a vaccine has virtually eliminated the hazard for hepatitis B, if the anesthesiologist undergoes a successful vaccination series. There is no vaccine for hepatitis C, which ultimately leads to liver failure and(More)
Acute diffuse chemical colitis was produced in rats with a high degree of reproducibility by the intracolonic administration of 10% acetic acid. The evolution and progression of this colitis was followed by performing serial fiberoptic colonoscopy using a needlescope and biopsy. Hyperemia appeared at 10 hours and ulcerations appeared at 24 hours in acetic(More)
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