Edan Shapiro

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The significance of brainstem auditory evoked potential (BAEP) studies in patients with vertigo and/or tinnitus is not universally recognized. In this study, 29 patients with these complaints as the presenting symptoms were evaluated with BAEPs, some of them as part of a work-up for a hearing and vertigo center. Case reports are presented. Absolute and(More)
Fifty two patients with suspected carpal tunnel syndrome were evaluated electrodiagnostically by using a variety of screening tests. The criteria of normalcy were as follows: distal median motor latency lower than 4.2 ms, distal median sensory latency wrist-to-third finger at 14 cm higher than 3.2 ms for the onset and than 3.8 ms to the peak, median sensory(More)
HYPOTHESIS Regions of functional brain activation differ between novice and expert laparoscopists. DESIGN We compared novice and expert laparoscopists using positron emission tomography (PET) during the peg transfer task of the McGill Inanimate System for Training and Evaluation of Laparoscopic Skills (MISTELS) protocol. The first scan (rest) was(More)
A case of right visual hemi-inattention is reported in a right-handed 14-year-old male who, as an infant, suffered a left hemisphere subdural hemorrhage and subsequently developed a large left posterior porencephalic cyst and right homonomous hemianopsia. Neuropsychological assessment reveals a significantly higher Verbal than Performance IQ, and evidence(More)
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