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Effect of extrusion treatment on enzymatic hydrolysis of wheat bran
Abstract Although, wheat bran is a good source of dietary fibre (DF), it has certain disadvantages due relatively lower levels of soluble DF. Therefore, in the current study, the effect of extrusionExpand
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Extraction of soluble β-glucan from oat and barley fractions: Process efficiency and dispersion stability
Abstract This study comprises laboratory-scale extraction of soluble β-glucan (BG) from oat (16 and 32% BG) and barley (12 and 32% BG) fractions, investigation of chemical composition and stabilityExpand
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Effect of different resistant starch sources and wheat bran on dietary fibre content and in vitro glycaemic index values of cookies
Abstract Cross-linked starches produced in lab-scale from corn and wheat starches with TDF contents of 80.4% and 83.6% were used in cookie formulation to obtain high fibre and low glycaemic indexExpand
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Effect of steam explosion on enzymatic hydrolysis and baking quality of wheat bran
Abstract In this study, the effect of steam explosion (SE) treatment on microstructure, enzymatic hydrolysis and baking quality of wheat bran was investigated. Coarse and fine bran were treated atExpand
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Minimisation of vitamin losses in fortified cookies by response surface methodology and validation of the determination methods
Food fortification is one of the global strategies to decrease micronutrient deficiency in the society. Flour, cereal products including cookies, are significant vehicles for food fortification. InExpand