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OBJECTIVES To evaluate microbial contamination of the environment in a veterinary hospital using standards recommended for human hospitals and to provide a baseline against which further investigations can be compared. METHODS Surfaces were sampled twice daily for five consecutive days using a contact-based counting method to measure the levels of(More)
We adopted Bowen and Ostroff’s (2004) HRM system strength concept so as to test it within the context of a management-by-objectives (MBO) system, which was utilized by six independent firms owned by a large, diversified family business group in Turkey. For this purpose we surveyed the middle managers to measure 10 context-specific metafeatures of the MBO(More)
Most of the existing earthquake vulnerability assessment procedures concentrate on structural loss assessment and the resulting indirect economic losses. However, in addition to their destructive effect on the building stock, earthquakes also have a substantial potential in degrading an urban area’s economy, cultural heritage, and social structure. Thus, in(More)
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