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Special Issue Purpose The aim of this special issue is to develop theory and empirical evidence about whether and why competitive advantages may be becoming less sustainable and how organizations can successfully compete using a series of temporary or dynamic competitive advantages. We believe an important outcome of the special issue would be an enhanced(More)
In the analysed material of 55 cases of subdural hygroma in children the authors found that the hygroma was most frequently a complication of inflammatory conditions of the central nervous system and diarrhoea. The analysis showed that recurrent vomiting, febrile states, failure to thrive should be an indication to diagnostic investigations for subdural(More)
This paper attempts to explain organization structure based on optimal coordination of interactions among activities. The main idea is that each manager is capable of detecting and coordinating interactions only within his limited area of expertise. Only the CEO can coordinate company-wide interactions. The optimal design of the organization trades off the(More)
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