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This paper suggests refinements and extensions of the JDL Data Fusion Model, the standard process model used for a multiplicity of community purposes. However, this Model has not been reviewed in accordance with (a) the dynamics of world events and (b) the changes, discoveries, and new methods in both the data fusion research and development community and(More)
The conduct of offensive and defensive Information Operations (IO) require coordinated targeting and protection, respectively, across physical, information and even cognitive domains. Even the specific IO activities of Computer Network Defense (CND) and Computer Network Attack (CNA) require the close coordination of activities across all three domains to(More)
The original Joint Directors of Laboratories (JDL) model was developed in the early 90's, with revisits in 1998, and 2004. Today, with new technologies of big data, cloud computing, and machine analytics, there is an ever increasing need for integration of people and machines. The original JDL model focused on the data fusion (correlation, filtering, and(More)
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