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Drosophila integrins have essential adhesive roles during development, including adhesion between the two wing surfaces. Most position-specific integrin mutations cause lethality, and clones of homozygous mutant cells in the wing do not adhere to the apposing surface, causing blisters. We have used FLP-FRT induced mitotic recombination to generate clones of(More)
Rinderpest virus (RPV) causes a severe disease of cattle resulting in serious economic losses in parts of the developing world. Effective control and elimination of this disease require a genetically marked rinderpest vaccine that allows serological differentiation between animals that have been vaccinated against rinderpest and those which have recovered(More)
In order to effectively control and eliminate rinderpest, a method is required to allow serological differentiation between animals that have been vaccinated and those which have recovered from natural infection. One way of doing this would be to engineer the normal vaccine to produce a genetically marked rinderpest virus (RPV) vaccine. We constructed two(More)
RATIONALE Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the leading cause of childhood lower respiratory infection, yet viable therapies are lacking. Two major challenges have stalled antiviral development: ethical difficulties in performing pediatric proof-of-concept studies and the prevailing concept that the disease is immune-mediated rather than being driven by(More)
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