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Virtual machine environments (VMEs) let a user or administrator run one or more guest operating systems on top of a host operating system. With security researchers relying on VMEs in their analysis work, attackers and their malicious code have a significant stake in detecting the presence of a virtual machine. This article focuses on detection techniques(More)
opinion on topics ENISA considers important emerging risks or key security components. This paper has been written and reviewed by the group of experts listed below who work in the area of malware analysis. The paper aims to provide a useful introduction to the rising problem of botnets. It describes the reasons for concern, the infection vectors of bots,(More)
Suppose someone applies for a system administrator job, or, better yet, an open slot on your computer security team. The applicant is eminently qualified for the position, having wizard-like skills on the exact operating systems deployed throughout your organization. You need his skills, big time. However, the candidate poses a bit of a problem. This(More)