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The Developmental Research on Attention and Memory Skills (DREAMS) Project measures developmental outcomes of approximately 330 children at risk for lead exposure within an ethnically diverse, inner-city neighborhood. This study is one project of the Phillips Neighborhood Healthy Housing Collaborative, a 6-year-old collaboration between residents of the(More)
  • E Shapiro
  • 2000
By 1969, federal/provincial agreements had resulted in universally-insured access to hospital and medical services for all Canadians. In the absence of similar agreements for community and long-term care, each province has designed, implemented, and modified its own policies and programs during the last three decades. However, the communal values and the(More)
After briefly reviewing the goals of long-term care, the goals of case management, and the models in which they currently function, this article focuses on the importance of recognizing the differences in culture, values, ideology, and policies in which case management takes place and the main issues confronting case managers. These issues can be divided(More)
Home care research is important. In fact, it is too important to be left exclusively to researchers even if the currently existing barriers to such investigations were to disappear. Finally, governments can have a major impact by recognizing the importance of encouraging practitioners to be investigators and by helping them improve the quality of their(More)
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