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OBJECTIVE To compare chemotherapy given at home with outpatient treatment in terms of colorectal cancer patients' safety, compliance, use of health services, quality of life, and satisfaction with treatment. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial. SETTING Large teaching hospital. PARTICIPANTS 87 patients receiving adjuvant or palliative chemotherapy for(More)
PURPOSE This study identified patient characteristics and environmental factors related to falls and injuries at one pediatric hospital. DESIGN AND METHODS This descriptive study was part of a multisite study based on inpatient pediatric falls reported over a 6-month period. RESULTS Fall prevalence was .84/1,000 patient days. Thirty-one of the 53 falls(More)
Some studies suggest that Asian children with leukaemia have a worse outcome than Whites. Survival of Asians with ALL treated at the Birmingham Children's Hospital from 1975 to 1994 was the same as that of Whites, despite their greater deprivation and poorer nutrition. For one 5-year period (1980-1984) Asians had significantly poorer survival, even after(More)
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