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In many practical cases in time series analysis, marginal distributions in stationary situations are not Gaussian. It is therefore necessary to be able to generate and analyze non-Gaussian time series. Several non-Gaussian time series models are discussed in this paper. The marginal distributions are Laplace or <italic>l</italic>-Laplace distributions, and(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the ability of a selection of patient-specific QA methods to accurately classify IMRT plans as acceptable or unacceptable based on a multiple ion chamber (MIC) phantom. METHODS Twenty-four IMRT plans were selected (20 previously failed the institutional QA), and were measured on a MIC phantom to assess their dosimetric acceptability.(More)
PURPOSE Patients undergoing radiotherapy (RT) for left-sided breast cancer have increased risk of coronary artery disease. Deep Inhalation Breath Hold assisted RT (DIBH-RT) is shown to increase the geometric separation of the target area and heart, reducing cardiac radiation dose. The purposes of this study are to use Cine MV portal images to determine the(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the sensitivity of patient-specific IMRT QA devices to detecting plan failures when compared to multiple ion chamber measurements. METHODS Four methods of IMRT QA were chosen: film (Kodak EDR2) and ion chamber (Wellhofer cc04) in an I' mRT body phantom, MapCheck2 (Sun Nuclear) with fields delivered AP, and MapCheck2 in the MapPhan(More)
The Interface Description Language (IDL) allows specification of complex data structures and provides run-time procedures to help use them. A useful debugging tool for interactive display of selected run-time IDL structures can be built using an existing debugger, workstation windowing software, and information generated by the IDL compiler. This tool's(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the reproducibility of patient specific IMRT QA results across five different clinical devices and one in-house detector by quantifying variations in the QA results from delivery-to-delivery (without re-setup, "redelivery") and variations when set-up is repeated ("re-setup"). METHODS Six patient plans were selected from among four(More)