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Cryptography and certification are considered necessary Internet features and must be used together, for example in ecommerce. This work deals with certification issues and reviews the three most common methods in use today, which are based on X.509 Certificates and Certification Authorities (CAs), PGP and, SKIP. These methods are respectively classified as(More)
The certification methods are respectively classified as directory, referral and collaborative based. For two parties in a dialogue, the three methods are further classified as extrinsic because they depend on references which are outside the scope of the dialogue. A series of conceptual, legal and implementation flaws – including lack of suitability of(More)
A new method is described for the first few modes calculations in a interferometer that has several advantages over the Allmat subroutine, the Prony method, and the Fox and Li method. In the illustrative results shown for some cases it can be seen that the eigenvalue translation method is typically 100-fold times faster than the usual Fox and Li method and(More)
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