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A number of surgical clips and other metallic materials embedded within patients have ferromagnetic properties that present a potential hazard when in the strong fields associated with magnetic resonance imaging. Several types of magnetometers and metal detectors were investigated as possible pre-imaging screening devices. The sensitivities and costs of(More)
AIMS To describe the personal characteristics, working conditions, clinical activities and professional development of a representative sample of practice nurses in the Waikato during the period 1991-1992. METHODS The data are from a survey of practice nurses drawn from a larger study of general practice carried out in the Waikato (the WaiMedCa Study).(More)
AIMS To document trends in ethnic group and occupational class differences in the use of general practitioner services and in patterns of clinical activity for the Hamilton Health District of the Waikato over the period 1979-80 to 1991-92. METHODS The data are drawn from a baseline and a follow-up survey of general practice in the Waikato region(More)
As one of the best known science narratives about the consequences of creating life, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus (1818) is an enduring tale that people know and understand with an almost instinctive familiarity. It has become a myth reflecting people's ambivalent feelings about emerging science: they are curious about science, but(More)
Designing educational games that meet both learning and entertainment objectives is a challenging task. Games that begin by developing specific educational goals and are later wrapped in a game or narrative context risk appearing forced, while those that begin with gaming elements to which educational elements are added may appear superficial. In this(More)