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The increasing popularity of modern virtualization-based datacenters continues to motivate both industry and academia to provide answers to a large variety of new and challenging questions. In this paper we aim to answer focusing on one such question: how to improve performance and availability of services hosted on IaaS clouds. Our system, structural(More)
The combination of virtual server technology and the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) approach to utility computing promises to revolutionize the way in which distributed software services are deployed. Server virtualization technology can be used to capture complete reusable software stacks, shifting the complexity of middleware installation and(More)
The deployment of composite applications and services in distributed or compute cloud environments is still a challenging task that is a key source of operational cost and risk. Current approaches to composite deployments can be categorized as workflow based and model based. In the workflow based approach, deployers create end-to-end workflows to automate(More)
The World Wide Web has become a primary means of disseminating information, which is being presented increasingly through multiple media. The ability to broadcast audio and video information is becoming a reality with the advent of new media-streaming technologies. Most of the emerging streaming systems require high-bandwidth connections in order to deliver(More)
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