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This paper presents techniques for interactively visualizing tensor fields using deformations. The conceptual idea behind this approach is to allow the tensor field to manifest its influence on idealized objects placed within the tensor field. This is similar, though not exactly the same, to surfaces deforming under load in order to relieve built up stress(More)
This paper presents interactive flow visualization methods that highlight directional information in the flow field. An added benefit of the proposed methods is that they reduce the amount of data being displayed and hence reduce clutter. The main idea behind these methods is the use of light sources to select and highlight regions in the flow field with(More)
A library of inorganic complexes with reversible redox chemistry and/or the ability to catalyze homogeneous oxidations by peroxides, including but not limited to combinations of polyoxometalate anions and redox-active cations, was constructed. Evaluation of library members for the ability to catalyze aerobic sulfoxidation (O(2) oxidation of the thioether,(More)
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