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A novel 8-aminoquinolone compound, 8(6-4' 3-hydroxybutyl)piperazin-1'-ylhexylamino)-6-methoxyquinoline di(hydrogen maleate), moxipraquine, 349C59, was shown to be active against experimental infections with Trypanosoma cruzi. It was effective in suppressing parasitaemia but did not eradicate the infection from mice or guinea-pigs. Other clinically tested(More)
Training the Trainers of Tomorrow Today (T4) is a new way to deliver "Training for Trainers". Responding to local dissatisfaction with existing arrangements, T4 builds on 3 essential requirements for a future shape of training: 1. Clinical Leadership and a Collaborative Approach 2. Cross-Specialty Design and Participation 3. Local Delivery and Governance(More)