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A bluff on the eastern coast of Mexico reveals a cross section through an ancient beach deposit now lying 4 meters above sea level. Radio-carbon dates on the shells within the deposit reveal an age of 1940 years. The deposit appears to be valid evidence for submergence greater than that of the present, but whether that submergence was due to a higher(More)
Development of new classification criteria for macrophage activation syndrome complicating systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis Francesca Minoia, Sergio Davì, Francesca Bovis, Angela Pistorio, Maurizio Aricò, Tadej Avcin, Ed Behrens, Fabrizio De Benedetti, Lisa Filipovich, Alexei Grom, Jan-Inge Henter, AnnaCarin Horne, Norman Ilowite, Michael Jordan, Raju(More)
Concentrations in Gulf of Mexico slope sediment of material soluble in methanol and benzene as high as 4.5 percent are shown to be attributable to biodegraded petroleum. Associated carbonate deposits and organic sulfur are the products of the microbial oxidation of petroleum and sulfate reduction. The results of chemical and carbon isotope analyses indicate(More)
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