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HIV- and AIDS-related stigma has been reported to be a major factor contributing to the spread of HIV. In this study, the authors explore the meaning of stigma and its impact on HIV and AIDS in South African families and health care centers. They conducted focus group and key informant interviews among African and Colored populations in Khayelitsha,(More)
Working memory is one of the central constructs in cognitive science and has received enormous attention in the theoretical and empirical literature. Similarly, working memory deficits have long been thought to be among the core cognitive deficits in schizophrenia, making it a ripe area for translation. This article provides a brief overview of the current(More)
Ascorbate, glutathione and α-tocopherol are the major low molecular weight antioxidants in the brain. The simultaneous changes in these compounds during normal development, and under a pro-oxidant condition are poorly understood. Ascorbate, glutathione and α-tocopherol concentrations in the olfactory bulb, cerebral cortex, hippocampus, striatum,(More)
THE accumulation of neutral fac in the blood to such an extent as to produce turbidity of the serum is termed hyperlipaemia. This may occur physiologically after a fatty meal, secondarily to diabetes mellitus, the nephrotic syndrome and glycogen storage disease, or idiopathically. The literature on idiopathic hyperlipaemia has recently been rqviewed by(More)
The mechanism of general anaesthesia has proved difficult to elucidate (see ref. 1 for a review), although the relative potencies of anaesthetic agents have been used to establish that the site at which anaesthetics act is hydrophobic in nature. One further clue to their mode of action is that the effects of anaesthetics on vertebrates can be eliminated by(More)
The effect of hyperbaric pressure on the inhibitory glycine receptor has been investigated in voltage-clamped Xenopus oocytes microinjected with cRNA encoding the human alpha-1 glycine receptor subunit. Heterologous expression of the human alpha-1 subunit generated functional glycine-gated channels with properties typical of native receptors. Glycine(More)
The effect of high pressure on the response to glycine or kainate of voltage-clamped Xenopus oocytes micro-injected with messenger-RNA derived from either rat spinal cord or whole brain, respectively, has been investigated. Current responses were measured at 1 bar (= 10(5) Pa), 50 bar, 100 bar and 150 bar, with PO2 fixed at 1 bar and the balance helium.(More)
A unique case of spontaneous regression of giant arteriovenous fistulae during infancy is described in this report. A female infant, the product of normal labor and delivery, demonstrated severe ventriculomegaly and an intracranial hemorrhage at birth. Cerebral angiography at 5 days of age revealed several large fistulae fed by the anterior and middle(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Channel Islands Golden Eagle Translocation Project has been successful over the past five years due to the efforts of many people from several different agencies and groups many of whom have made the preservation and recovery of the island fox a priority in their personal and professional lives. These people deserve our thanks and(More)