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This paper gives a broadband (total throughput approaching 1 terabit /s) self-routing packet switch design for providing flexible multiple bit-rate broadband services for an end-to-end fiber network. The switch fabric for the slotted broadband packet switch delivers exactly one packet to each output port from one of the input ports which request packet(More)
The performance of two concatenated coding systems using a K = 3, r = 1/2 convolutional inner code and a Reed-Solomon (15,9)<lb>or (15, 7) outer code was measured over a 5.76 km long atmospheric direct detection optical communication channel. Inner code interleaving of 100 ps combined with outer code interleaving of 240 bits (60 RS symbols) was found to be(More)
A set of stations wish to transmit messages to one another over a shared link. Messages are generated either according to so called <italic>finite source</italic> or <italic>infinite source</italic> arrival statistics. The message lengths are independent identically distributed random variables. Two policies for arbitrating contention are compared:(More)
A transmitter breaks a message up into packets and transmits the packets to a receiver over a single virtual circuit within a local area network. The receiver has a finite amount of storage capacity for buffering messages. A sliding window protocol turns the transmitter on and off to ensure there is always storage room in the receiver for packets. Mean(More)