Ecushla Hodgson

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Cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4), the predominant P450 expressed in adult human liver, is both constitutively expressed and transcriptionally activated by a variety of structurally diverse xenochemicals. In this study, we examined the role of the constitutive androstane receptor (CAR), a member of the steroid/retinoid/thyroid hormone receptor superfamily, in(More)
CYP3A4 is involved in the metabolism of endogenous steroids, and an allelic variant, CYP3A4*1B, consisting of an A to G polymorphism within the 5'-flanking region termed the nifedipine-specific response element (NFSE) has been associated with high grade and advanced stage of prostate cancers. Because steroid hormone exposure is known to influence breast and(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the relationship between presence of amniotic fluid (AF) biomarkers characteristic of inflammation (defensins 2 and 1 and calgranulins C and A) and fetal inflammatory status at birth. DESIGN Prospective observational cohort. SETTING Tertiary referral University hospital. POPULATION One hundred and thirty-two consecutive mothers(More)
A susceptible strain of Musca domestica containing visible mutant markers on chromosomes II, III, and V was crossed with multiresistant R-Fc and R-diazinon strains. F1 flies were backcrossed to the mutant parent, resultant progenies were isolated according to phenotype, and substrains were established. The level of resistance to diazinon, aldrin epoxidase(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence of postoperative delirium (PD) in the elderly ranges between 3-60% but has never been examined in gynecologic oncology. Our goal was to identify pre, intra, and postoperative risk factors associated with the development of PD. METHODS English speaking women of 60 years and above undergoing major surgery for suspected gynecologic(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the functional anatomy of the epicardial veins, including their dimensional changes in systole and diastole, and to relate these observations to the pattern of bloodflow in these veins. DESIGN Using quantitative angiography and casts of epicardial veins in dogs, measurements of dimensions and anatomical patterns were observed. (More)
Pure trigeminal motor neuropathy is rare and characterised by weakness of the mandibular motor branch with no signs of involvement of the trigeminal sensory or other cranial nerve. Its aetiology is unclear but it has been hypothesised that a viral infection may be a cause. Magnetic resonance imaging is useful in its diagnosis and typically shows loss of(More)
C. M. Abbott M. Adinolfi Wayne Bacon S. W. Ballinger Becky Beach Donald C. Beitz Michael M. Bentley Lincoln P. Brower E. H. Bryant Michael Bustin B. Carritt Douglas R. Cavener D. R. Davies A. L. Devonshire Richard DiScipio Y. H. Edwards R. Feyereisen Victoria Finnerty Ying-Hui Fu Roger E. Ganschow Jesse P. Goff Allen G. Good J. L. Hamrick Stephen E. Harris(More)
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