Eckhart Wildi

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In vitro shoot regeneration from sterile leaf and petiole explants and from in-situ-collected inflorescence buds of Petasites hybridus was achieved by a simple two-step protocol. Murashige and Skoog (MS) nutrient medium was supplemented with 17.6 μm benzyladenine (BA)+0.54 μm naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA) to induce shoots. After 5 weeks of culture, 40% of(More)
Fifteen years after onset of a malabsorption syndrome, a 49-year-old man had sensory and oculomotor disorder with marked vitamin E deficiency. After 6 months of treatment with high parenteral doses of vitamin E, the neurologic signs slowly receded, but the patient died of gastrointestinal hemorrhage. Autopsy and sural nerve biopsy showed the changes in both(More)
Sesquiterpenes (STs) from the Senecioneae have been found to be potent snail repellents. We investigated the range of activity of the STs petasin, isopetasin, furanopetasin, kablicin, and cacalol, which were isolated from Petasites hybridus, P. kablikianus, and Adenostyles alpina. We found the petasin content of leaves of P. hybridus to lie within the range(More)
This study is based on the histological examination of a series of 1000 intervertebral discs which were excised surgically for a painful spinal or nerve root syndrome. The authors observed in 31 cases (18 men and 13 women) a chondrocalcinosis that was not found clinically (small circumscribed deposits of crystals identified as calcium pyrophosphate after(More)