Eckhart Koerner

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In this paper, we present an overall architecture to integrate SIP-based session management with scalable QoS features and AAA functionality. The QoS features include a bandwidth reservation in the access network based on the Next Steps in Signaling (NSIS) architecture. Furthermore, we employ the DiffServ compliant Priority Promotion Scheme (PPS) which is a(More)
In 43 patients (28 female, 15 male) with a definitive diagnosis of disseminated sclerosis visual evoked potentials were tested several times with pattern stimulation. The average duration of the disease was 7 years before the first pattern evoked potential. The latency of the evoked potential, estimated from the first positive peak, was in the pathological(More)
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In this paper we present a neural implementation of a dynamical network hierarchy for data and knowledge controlled selective visual attention. The model architecture is composed of several interactingsubsystems for different processing tasks. All neural subsystems are strongly interrelated bottom-up and top-down both by information and control streams. "(More)
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