Eckhard Schleicher

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We report on the development of a high resolution gamma ray tomography scanner that is operated with a Cs-137 isotopic source at 662 keV gamma photon energy and achieves a spatial image resolution of 0.2 line pairs/ mm at 10% modulation transfer function for noncollimated detectors. It is primarily intended for the scientific study of flow regimes and phase(More)
We introduce a new optical method to noninvasively and continuously measure the swelling process of the nasal mucosa whereby we use light of different wavelengths in the red and near-infrared range which is transilluminated through the nasal tissue and whose extinction is recorded as a function of time. From the temporal and spectral extinction data, we are(More)
INTRODUCTION Mucociliary clearance is one of the major functions of the nasal epithelium. Limited information on the physiology or malfunction could up to now only be obtained by experimental investigations in vitro with cytological measurements of ciliary beat frequency or with extensive, time-consuming in-vivo-tests. METHODS We developed a new(More)
Optical tomography is a potential diagnostic method for visualizing optical properties of tissues in vivo. We present an optical tomography method that has been designed for imaging of the human testes, particularly for spectroscopic tumor differentiation. In this application we need to compute three-dimensional distributions of the optical contrast(More)
It is shown that VLDL-cholesterol cannot be calculated from serum triacylglycerol at elevated triacylglycerol concentrations (above 2 g/l). Using the method of Friedewald et al. ((1972) Clin. Chem. 18,499-502), VLDL-cholesterol is usually overestimated in these sera and, consequently, LDL-cholesterol underestimated. Quantitative lipoprotein electrophoresis(More)
A novel planar array sensor based on electrical conductivity measurements is presented which may be applied to visualize surface fluid distributions. The sensor is manufactured using printed-circuit board fabrication technology and comprises of 64 x 64 interdigital sensing structures. An associated electronics measures the electrical conductivity of the(More)
BACKGROUND Various methods exist for measuring swelling of the nasal mucosa. This is necessary in order to make the nasal provocation test objective. With the new method of optical rhinometry, it is possible to measure swelling of the mucosa directly from outside of the nose in real-time. The measurement is carried out with monochromatic near-infrared light(More)
There are different applications in the field of optical diagnostics in which the theories explaining the light transport in tissue do not lead to simple solutions for complicate geometric conditions. In these cases the Monte Carlo method provides a powerful tool to solve this problem statistically. In order to simulate the light transport in the nasal(More)
In this paper, a thermal control design for a high-resolution gamma-ray computed tomography detector is presented. It accounts for the generation of heat produced by active electronic components as well as heat transfer from external heat sources. The development and implementation of this feature were motivated by stringent requirements for measurement(More)