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Animal experimental research and clinical experience in polyvinylalcohol formaldehyde foam (PVA) as a temporary skin cover: The usefulness of PVA as a temporary skin cover of burns and infected wounds was studied in animals. On the back of 20 pigs full thickness burns were produced and wounds were infected, then examined macroscopically, histologically and(More)
An analysis was undertaken to the records of 651 patients (median age 51 years, range 1-91; 334 male and 317 female patients), who were admitted for various reasons to the department of neurology and psychosomatics of the county hospital in Villach (Kärnten, Austria), over the period of one year. The clinical diagnoses were mostly neurological and(More)
Normal tissue defects in the tibiae of 16 sheep were filled with gelatine, collagen or a mixture of both. Comparable rates of new bone formation occurred after observation periods of 6 and 12 weeks. The difference is not statistically significant. In our experiment collagen and gelatine showed neither a positive nor a negative influence on new bone(More)
Biomechanical studies of stabilizing effect of cortico-cancellous-grafts showed that the resistance of internal fixation is not endangered acutely under a one-foot weight bearing situation. The stability of defectosteosynthesis was significantly raised not only when a lateral joist was left but also when a medial cortico-cancellous-graft was fixed. 29(More)
Measurements of absolute strain and stress on collateral ligaments of human knees were made with two new measuring cells. The medial collateral ligament was found to have three functional different parts, the most important of which was the ventral. During motion of the knee, tensile forces amounted to about 20 N when the lateral ligament was in extension(More)
Endoscopic examination of the ankle and of the elbow joints can be of great diagnostic value. There are three acceB routes for surveying most parts of the ankle joint. Because of the narrowneB of the joint crevice, the joint surfaces in the area of the malleolus can be aBeBed only to a limited degree. Through two means of acceB at the elbow joint, wider(More)