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On the equivalence problem of linear differential systems and its application for factoring completely reducible systems
Given two linear di erential systems with rational function coe cients, we give an algorithm to decide whether these two systems are equivalent and to compute the corresponding transformation matrices. Expand
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An Algorithm Computing the Regular Formal Solutions of a System of Linear Differential Equations
We propose a method for computing the regular singular formal solutions of a linear differential system in the neighbourhood of a singular point. Expand
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On the Moser- and super-reduction algorithms of systems of linear differential equations and their complexity
The notion of irreducible forms of systems of linear differential equations with formal power series coefficients as defined by Moser [Moser, J., 1960. The order of a singularity in Fuchs' theory.Expand
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Computing super-irreducible forms of systems of linear differential equations via moser-reduction: a new approach
In this paper, we give a new algorithm for computing, given an arbitrary linear differential system with formal power series coefficients as input, an equivalent system which is super-irreducible. Expand
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A Monomial-by-Monomial Method for Computing Regular Solutions of Systems of Pseudo-Linear Equations
This paper deals with the local analysis of systems of pseudo-linear equations. Expand
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Effective Formal Reduction of Linear Differential Systems
  • Eckhard Pfluegel
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication…
  • 2000
In this paper we present a new method for the formal reduction of linear differential systems. Expand
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A Novel Privacy Framework for Secure M-Health Applications: The Case of the GDPR
This paper presents a case study of an EU healthcare research project “WELCOME” and evaluates the privacy aspects of this project with regards to the privacy requirements of the GDPR. Expand
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An evaluation of feature selection and reduction algorithms for network IDS data
We evaluate and compare the usage of various feature selection and reduction algorithms against publicly available datasets. Expand
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A reduction algorithm for matrices depending on a parameter
An efficient algorithm conlputing the z-espansiou of the eigcnvalucs in Laurent-Puiseux series is provided, for the computation of the characteristic polynomial is not rccluired. Expand
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