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The aim of this study was to see if antibiotic pastilles could reduce radiation mucositis, pain, dysphagia and weight loss in patients undergoing radical radiotherapy for head and neck cancer. A total of 275 patients with T1-T4 tumours entered the study; 136 were allocated to suck four times daily a pastille containing amphotericin, polymyxin and(More)
Cross-clamping of the descending aorta immediately below the subclavian artery may result in damage to the spinal cord. Despite various protective procedures, the risk of such damage cannot be entirely eliminated. In an experimental study with 47 pigs, the influence of various factors on the genesis of spinal cord damage was examined. The pigs were divided(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Business relationships provide means for creating and appropriating superior value in the marketplace. To date, research pertains almost exclusively to the value after relationship creation and sharing among exchange partners. Consequently, the interaction between value creation and value appropriation remains relatively unknown in(More)