Eckhard Langer

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Using figure drawings, perception of body shape was evaluated by underweight, average, and overweight men and women. Body-shape dissatisfaction was greatest for 60 overweight women, and about the same in 151 average weight women as it was for 102 overweight men. Average weight men (n = 107) and underweight women (n = 31) were fairly satisfied with their(More)
The degradation of Ultra Low K (ULK) SiCOH dielectrics before breakdown is investigated. For the first time very early stages of degradation before breakdown have been revealed and a model of the basic process of ULK alteration process under electrical stress is proposed. Two different degradation patterns were found. Tip electrode test structures have been(More)
This paper presents an effective device-level failure analysis (FA) method which uses a high-resolution low-kV Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) in combination with an integrated state-of-the-art nanomanipulator to locate and characterize single defects in failing CMOS devices. The presented case studies utilize several FA-techniques in combination with(More)