Eckhard Langer

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The degradation of Ultra Low K (ULK) SiCOH dielectrics before breakdown is investigated. For the first time very early stages of degradation before breakdown have been revealed and a model of the basic process of ULK alteration process under electrical stress is proposed. Two different degradation patterns were found. Tip electrode test structures have been(More)
The paper describes two micromechanical stress tests, which evaluate the robustness of Back End Of Line (BEOL) layer stacks under mechanical stress, by applying bending stress to FIB prepared pillars and by using nanoindentation in previously prepared cross sections. Conclusions about mechanical robustness of BEOL integration schemes and particular design(More)
Both process control and process development in the high performance semiconductor industry require more and more TEM analyses. This is mainly driven by the shrinkage in feature size and by the introduction of new material sets. As SEM analyses are executed routinely and in a high volume mode, the migration to TEM based analysis also requires high sample(More)
We presented a transient electro-thermal analysis with STAP considering self-heating. Thermo-mechanical simulators, e.g. FEDOS, are coupled to provide appropriated input data for electromigration analysis to obtain predictive results. The presented electro-thermal results depict the high temperature gradients close to heat sources and heat sinks. Further(More)
In this paper, EM-induced degradation processes and failure in on-chip interconnects are discussed based on experimental studies. In-situ microscopy studies at embedded via/line dual inlaid copper interconnect test structures show that void formation and evolution depend on both interface bonding and microstructure. In future, copper microstructure becomes(More)
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