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Sex-related differences in spatial ability, favoring males, have frequently been reported in the literature. Recent analyses, however, have found indications of a convergence in the scores of men and women on spatial tests over the years. This research examined the evidence for such a secular trend in a German population using data of 18 samples that had(More)
Teaching students self-regulatory skills in addition to classical subject-matter knowledge is currently viewed as one of the major goals of education. At the same time, self-regulated learning (SRL) is a vital prerequisite for the successful acquisition of knowledge in school and beyond, and is thus of particular importance with respect to lifelong(More)
BACKGROUND In order for teaching to be successful, students need to be actively involved in learning. However, research on teaching effectiveness often neglects students' learning activities. Although it is assumed that effective teaching promotes the use of beneficial learning activities, empirical evidence for this connection is still limited. AIMS This(More)
This study investigates teachers' promotion of self-regulated learning in naturalistic classroom settings by means of video observation. The sample was 20 teachers with their overall 538 students, who were videotaped for a three-lesson unit on the Pythagorean Theorem. An observation instrument was used to assess (1) the teachers' implicit and explicit(More)
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