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Hydroxyapatite (HA) ceramics are widely used for bone reconstruction. They are osteoconductive and serve as structural scaffolds for the deposition of new bone. Generally, scaffold materials should be degradable as they affect the mechanical properties of the reconstructed bone negatively. Degradation by osteoclasts during the bone remodelling process is(More)
Megalin is an endocytic receptor highly expressed in the proximal tubules of the kidney. Recently, we demonstrated that this receptor is essential for the renal uptake and conversion of 25-OH vitamin D3 to 1,25-(OH)2 vitamin D3, a central step in vitamin D and bone metabolism. Unfortunately, the perinatal lethality of the conventional megalin knockout mouse(More)
Neuronal precursor proliferation and axodendritic outgrowth have been traditionally regarded as discrete and sequential developmental stages. However, we recently found that sympathetic neuroblasts in vitro often elaborate long neuritic processes before dividing. Furthermore, these "paramitotic" neurites were maintained during cell division and neuritic(More)
Neuronal precursor proliferation and axodendritic outgrowth have been regarded as strictly sequential, with process formation presumably beginning after mitotic activity ceases. We now report that sympathetic precursors in vitro often elaborate long neurites before dividing. Of 437 neuroblasts observed in 48 time-lapse recordings, 42 neuroblasts divided.(More)
Neuronal birth and neurite outgrowth have been regarded as discrete, sequential stages of development. However, we recently found that sympathetic neuroblasts often elaborate axons before mitosis, in culture [E. Wolf, I.B. Black, E. DiCicco-Bloom, Mitotic neuroblasts determine neuritic patterning of progeny, J. Comp. Neurol. 367 (1996) 623-635] and in vivo(More)
Axon terminals which could be interpreted as dorsal root boutons, were photographed from a series of 98 ultrathin sections with a Jeol 100B electron microscope. A total of 13 boutons were recovered for computer reconstruction. Two of them were terminal boutons, eight en passant boutons and three boutons were only partially recovered. All boutons contained(More)
Capillary gas chromatography (GC) on chiral stationary phases, i.e., Chirasil-Val [L-valine-tert.-(R)-alpha-butylamide] and XE-60-S-valine-(R)-alpha-phenylethylamide, has been applied to the resolution of various substituted analogues of putrescine as their N,N'-perfluoroacyl derivatives. The influence of the nature of the substituent on the retention(More)