Eckart Wallbrecher

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Abst rac t -Ma jo r portions of the Pan-African Orogen in the Eastern Desert of Egypt were formed by island-arc accretion in the Neoproterozoic. These areas are characterized by their lack of major crustal thickening. Metamorphic core complexes occur parallel to the strike of the Eastern Desert Orogen. These domes exhibit polyphase metamorphism and(More)
Regional cooling in the course of Neoproterozoic core complex exhumation in the Central Eastern Desert of Egypt is constraint by Ar/Ar ages of hornblende and muscovite from Meatiq, Sibai and Hafafit domes. The data reveal highly diachronous cooling with hornblende ages clustering around 580 Ma in the Meatiq and the Hafafit, and 623 and 606 Ma in the Sibai.(More)
Screening for cytotoxicity in the clonogenic assay in human tumor xenografts and L1210 mouse leukemia revealed comparable dose-dependent effects of the alkyl lysophospholipid ET-18-OCH3 and the thioether lipid BM 41.440. The efficacy in human tumors only was marginal at low doses. In vivo tests of both agents were carried out in nude mice bearing two of the(More)
The in vivo effects of the oxazaphosphorine compound ifosfamide (IFO) on human tumour xenografts were assessed in thymus aplastic nude mice. The human origin of the tumours was confirmed by isoenzymatic and immunohistochemical methods. Tumour models were selected from a panel of 180 regularly growing, well-characterized xenografts. The maximum tolerated(More)
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