Eckart Schnack

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A material model for predicting the unknown elastic properties of the chemical vapor infiltrated carbon felts is proposed. Representative volume element of the studied material includes pyrolytic carbon matrix, randomly distributed carbon fibers (carbon felt) and pores. The homogenization procedure for this composite consists of two steps: (1)(More)
In this study, a multiphase field model for isothermal chemical vapour infiltration (ICVI) process of SiC composites from methyltrichlorosilane (MTS) is developed. The model consists of a set of non-linear partial differential equations by coupling Ginzburg-Landau type phase field equations with convection diffusion type mass balance equations and(More)
This paper employs the homogenization procedure proposed in [1] (Piat R, Tsukrov I, Mladenov N, Verijenko V, Guellali M, Schnack E, et al. Material modeling of the CVI-infiltrated carbon felt. I. Basic formulae, theory and numerical experiments. Compos Sci Technol, this issue) to predict the effective elastic properties of the CVI-densified carbon felts. It(More)
Abstract The paper deals with the identification of the delamination in composites on the basis of the information for the displacements from the surfaces of damaged bodies. The identification of the active delamination region on the interface between two layers of given composite material is a non-linear programming problem that consists of minimization of(More)
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