Eckard Michael Steinmeyer

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In einer von der Arbeitsgruppe „Lebensqualität (LQ)” der „Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Methodik und Dokumentation in der Psychiatrie” (AMDP) unterstützten multizentrischen Studie wird das Konstrukt Lebensqualität (LQ) anhand von acht (inter)national validierten Erhebungsinstrumenten sowie einer gesunden (n=479), einer depressiven (n=171) und einer schizophrenen(More)
The aim of the present study is to contribute to an ongoing validation process of the Quality of Life (QoL) construct in the clinical field by investigating its internal structure. Eight (inter)nationally validated questionnaires have been analyzed by an integrative approach in a multicenter study. Data has been collected in a mentally healthy (n = 479), a(More)
This report describes the results obtained in a double-blind, six week, prospective, randomized multicenter study. The efficacy, tolerability, and safety of moclobemide (300-600 mg/d) were compared to those of maprotiline (75-150 mg/d) in parallel groups of patients with a Major Depressive Episode (DS-III). In addition, participants were required to have a(More)
Modern statistical approaches to the analysis of single cases have so far been rarely employed in psychiatric therapy research. The recently developed Hierarchical Trend-Segment Component Analysis (HTAKA) seems to be an adequate and practicable method for the field of therapy evaluation, not only under sophisticated research conditions, but also under(More)
Although DSM-III-R and ICD-10 suggest the assignment of multiple personality diagnoses, a high degree of overlap may be an indicator of insufficiently distinct and too inclusive types of personality. We studied this problem with a new inventory in an unselected clinical sample. The Aachen List of Items for the Registration of Personality Disorders (AMPS)(More)
Die affektive Instabilität von Patienten mit Borderline-Persönlichkeitsstörung (BPS) wird im DSM-IV einer erhöhten Reaktivität der Stimmungslage auf Umweltereignisse zugeschrieben. Ziel der vorliegenden Studie war es, die affektive Reaktivität von abnormen Persönlichkeiten mit selbstschädigenden Impulshandlungen empirisch mit Hilfe von(More)
Based on a sample of 325 inpatients we present the subjective experiences during simple partial seizures. In a majority of cases, auras comprised composed forms of different symptomatic qualities. We describe rules which seem to govern sequences of aura phenomena. Autonomous and vestibular sensations were shown to have preceding positions related to others,(More)
Diese Studie überprüft erstmals die mögliche prädiktive Aussagekraft früher selbst wahrgenommener neuropsychologischer Defizite für die spätere Entwicklung einer Schizophrenie. 96 Fälle mit DSM-III-R-Diagnosen vorwiegend aus dem Bereich der Neurosenachfolgebestimmungen und Persönlichkeitsstörungen, die bei der Indexuntersuchung zu 81 % solche(More)
The items of the Beck Depression Inventory are reanalyzed by a non-metric multidimensional scaling procedure (Smallest Space Analysis, SSA-I). The structure of the test items is characterized within the framework of Guttman's facet theory. Two systematic components (facets) are discerned: "centrality" and "aspect". Properties of the facets as well as their(More)
With the help of an analytical path structure model (causal analysis) the aim of the study was to elucidate further, in female patients with various depressive disorders, some correlations of causal interdependencies between changes both in basal secretion of anterior pituitary hormones and in their responses to the (combined) insulin tolerance test (ITT)(More)