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In recent years the development of automotive embedded devices has changed from an electrical and mechanical engineering discipline to a combination of software and electrical/mechanical engineering. The effects of this change on development processes, methods, and tools as well as on required engineering skills were very significant and are still ongoing(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new test method that enables the systematic definition of executable test cases for testing the continuous behavior of automotive embedded systems. This method is based on a graphical notation for test cases that is not only easy to understand but also powerful enough to express very complex, fully automated tests as well as(More)
Overtone singing, a technique of Asian origin, is a special type of voice production resulting in a very pronounced, high and separate tone that can be heard over a more or less constant drone. An acoustic analysis is presented of the phenomenon and the results are described in terms of the classical theory of speech production. The overtone sound may be(More)
The systematic testing approaches developed within the telecommunication domain for conformance and interoperability testing of communication protocols have been extended and broadened to allow the testing of local and distributed, reactive and proactive systems in further domains such as Internet, IT, control systems in automotive, railways, avionics and(More)
Zusammenfassung Es werden die charakteristischen Eigenschaften der Softwareentwicklung im Automobilbereich im Hinblick auf den Test und die Auswirkungen der Einführung modellbasierter Entwicklungsmethoden besprochen. Außerdem wird das Testwerkzeug "TPT" vorgestellt, das speziell für den Test automobiler Steuerungs-und Re-gelungssysteme entwickelt wurde.
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