Ebtesam M. Al-Olayan

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Death by apoptosis regulates cell numbers in metazoan tissues and it is mediated by activation of caspases and results in characteristic morphological and biochemical changes. We report here that the malaria protozoan, Plasmodium berghei, exhibits features typical of metazoan apoptotic cells including condensation of chromatin, fragmentation of the nuclear(More)
Breast cancer constitutes a major health problem for women worldwide. However, its incidence varies between populations and geographical locations. These variations could be diet-related, since there are several carcinogenic compounds in the modern diet, while natural products contain various anti-cancer elements. Several lines of evidence indicate that, in(More)
Aluminium (Al) toxicity is closely linked to the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). This experimental study investigated the neuroprotective effect of melatonin (Mel; 10 mg/kg bwt) on aluminium chloride (AlCl3 ; 34 mg/kg bwt) induced neurotoxicity and oxidative stress in rats. Adult male albino Wistar rats were injected with AlCl3 for 7 days. The(More)
The strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) has been extensively used to treat a wide range of ailments in many cultures. The present study was aimed at evaluating the hepatoprotective effect of strawberry juice on experimentally induced liver injury in rats. To this end, rats were introperitoneally injected with carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) with or without(More)
Breast cancer causes death due to distant metastases in which tumor cells produce matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) enzymes which facilitate invasion. Oleuropein, the main olive oil polyphenol, has anti-proliferative effects. This study aimed to investigate the effect of oleuropein on the metastatic and anti-metastatic gene expression in the MDA human breast(More)
Methods for reproducible in vitro development of the mosquito stages of malaria parasites to produce infective sporozoites have been elusive for over 40 years. We have cultured gametocytes of Plasmodium berghei through to infectious sporozoites with efficiencies similar to those recorded in vivo and without the need for salivary gland invasion. Oocysts(More)
Several protozoan parasites have been shown to undergo a form of programmed cell death that exhibits morphological features associated with metazoan apoptosis. These include the rodent malaria parasite, Plasmodium berghei. Malaria zygotes develop in the mosquito midgut lumen, forming motile ookinetes. Up to 50% of these exhibit phenotypic markers of(More)
The purpose of the study was to evaluate the potential effects of Citrus reticulate (mandarin) peel methanolic extract (MPME) on memory dysfunction in rats. Memory impairment was produced by scopolamine (1.4 mg/kg, intraperitoneally injected). Brain acetylcholinesterase enzyme (AChE) activity was measured to assess the central cholinergic activity. This(More)
The present study was carried out to investigate the protective effect of Physalis peruviana L. (family Solanaceae) against cadmium-induced neurotoxicity in rats. Adult male Wistar rats were randomly divided into four groups. Group 1 was used as control. Group 2 was intraperitoneally injected with 6.5 mg/kg bwt of cadmium chloride for 5 days. Group 3 was(More)