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In this paper, we derive quasi-static equivalent-circuit models for the analysis and design of different types of artificial magnetic resonators-i.e., the multiple split-ring resonator, spiral resonator, and labyrinth resonator-which represent popular inclusions to synthesize artificial materials and metamaterials with anomalous values of the permeability(More)
— Electrical energy generation is very important due to the increasing energy need. To satisfy the need, small scale hydro power plants are constructed in addition to large scale hydro power plants. Hydro power plants have a significant role in the generation of electrical energy. Small hydro power is a kind of clean and renewable energy sources. Small(More)
Importance of small hydroelectric power plants has been increased more and more because of fast increasing electrical energy demand. Small hydro power plants have great importance caused by their low administrative, executive costs, using water drink and irrigation systems suitability for rural areas and low environmental effects. Hence, operation(More)
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