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The protective activity of iloprost against hypoxia was studied in isolated rabbit aortic strips precontracted with angiotensin II on the relaxant effect of acetylcholine. Exposure of the strips to hypoxia in the medium of Krebs alone for 48 h caused a highly significant decrease in the relaxing effect of acetylcholine without altering that of papaverine.(More)
Tissue protective activity of iloprost against anoxia was studied in the isolated perfused rabbit kidney. Addition of iloprost to the perfusion medium at concentrations between 10(-9)-10(-7) M attenuated the release of noradrenaline due to periarterial stimulation and decreased urine outflow. Iloprost also caused a concentration-dependent decrease in(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the early protective effects of L-arginine and Ng-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME) after acute spinal cord injury. Acute spinal cord injury was performed by epidural application of an aneurysm clip at thoracic (T) 7 - 11 level. L-arginine at a dose of 750 microg/kg/min was administered 10 min before acute(More)
1. The contraction induced by clonidine and guanfacine but not phenylephrine was enhanced in endothelium-denuded and methylene blue pretreated rabbit aortic, pulmonary artery rings and isolated perfused whole superior mesenteric, carotid and femoral arteries from the same species. 2. The responses to acetylcholine in guanfacine preconstricted superior(More)
In parallel with improvements in understanding pain neurophysiology, many chemicals have recently been investigated for spinal anaesthesia and analgesia. However, studies discussing the effects of these drugs on neural tissue indicate that knowledge about some aspects of neurotoxicity is limited. Forty-nine New Zealand albino rabbits, weighing 2.2 +/- 0.2(More)
Iloprost caused a concentration-dependent decrease in the response to noradrenaline in the rabbit isolated endothelium denuded rings from superior mesenteric artery but not thoracic aorta. Similar inhibition was obtained by verapamil using identical concentrations. In Ca(2+)-free EGTA containing medium noradrenaline both at lower and higher concentrations(More)
We investigated the effects of calcium ions (Ca2+) on the adenylyl cyclase activity in purified turkey erythrocyte membranes. Results showed the following: (i) Ca2+ inhibits cAMP accumulation stimulated by isoproterenol (1 micromol/l), NaF + AlCl3 (10 mmol/l + 20 micromol/l) or forskolin (10 micromol/l) in EGTA-washed turkey erythrocyte membranes. IC50 of(More)
1. Iloprost produced a concentration-dependent decrease in the contractile responses to K+ and NA in CoeA and SMA strips without altering the responses in RA, MPA, CaA and ThA. 2. Nifedipine and verapamil also inhibited the contractile responses to NA and K+ in CoeA and SMA rings in a concentration dependent manner. 3. Removal of endothelium did not alter(More)
Phenylephrine tested on the isolated endothelium intact rat aortic strips elicited an enhanced response in the second assay when compared with the response obtained in the first trial. Removal of the endothelium and the pretreatment of the strips in the endothelium with methylene blue almost completely prevented the enhanced response to phenylephrine in the(More)
We used transmission electron microscopy to examine the cytotoxic effects of the second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides difenacoum and brodifacoum on rat liver. A single dose of difenacoum or brodifacoum was administered to rats by gastric gavage and liver samples were taken after 24 h, four days or seven days. In the livers of rats treated with(More)