Ebru Aldemir

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Pregabalin is a new generation antiepileptic that exerts its effect by decreasing the release of such neurotransmitters as glutamate, noradrenaline, and substance P. Pregabalin can be prescribed in Turkey at 150-600 mg to treat neuropathic pain, generalized anxiety disorder, and fibromyalgia, and as concomitant therapy in adult patients with partial(More)
Electroanalytical technologies as a beneficial subject of modern analytical chemistry can play an important role for abused drug analysis which is crucial for both legal and social respects. This article reports a novel aptamer-based biosensing procedure for cocaine analysis by combining the advantages of aptamers as selective recognition elements with the(More)
Affinity-type sensors have emerged as outstanding platforms in the detection of diagnostic protein markers, nucleic acids and drugs. Thus, these novel platforms containing antibodies could be integrated into the monitoring systems for abused drugs. Herein, we established a novel detection platform for the analysis of a common illicit drug; methamphetamine(More)
Psychological symptoms of university students can affect perceptions of physical and mental health and can influence the emergence of suicidal behavior. We investigated the association among psychological symptoms, suicidal thoughts, perceptions of physical and mental health in university students. 4330 students at Onsekiz Mart University completed an(More)
The consumption of illicit drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, and amphetamines is still a major health and social problem, creating an abuse in adults especially. Novel techniques which estimate the drug of abuse are needed for the detection of newly revealed psychoactive drugs. Herein, we have constructed a combinatorial platform by using quantum dots (QDs)(More)
Opioid dependence is an increasing public health problem. One of the complications of intravenous opioid use is hepatitis C virus infection, which, in turn, is one of the most common indications for liver transplantations throughout the world. Therefore, the treatment of opioid dependence in a liver transplant recipient requires special attention in terms(More)
Inhalant abuse is a problem that is getting more common all around the world. The increase in prevalence of inhalant abuse escalates morbidity and mortality rates. About 22% of people using inhalant have died at their first attempt. Particularly propane, butane, or propane-butane mixture has highest mortality rates. Sudden sniffing death syndrome,(More)
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