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Keywords: Clustering analysis Fuzzy c-means clustering Validity index Visual analysis a b s t r a c t As it is known, fuzzy clustering is a kind of soft clustering method and primarily based on idea of segmenting data by using membership degrees of cases which are computed for each cluster. However, most of the current fuzzy clustering modules packaged in(More)
—This paper presents the results of the neuro-fuzzy model using remote-sensing data and geographic information system for landslide susceptibility analysis in a part of the Cameron Highlands areas in Malaysia. Landslide locations in the study area were identified by interpreting aerial photographs and satellite images, supported by extensive field surveys.(More)
In this study, landslide susceptibility mapping using a completely expert opinion-based approach was applied for the Sinop (northern Turkey) region and its close vicinity. For this purpose, an easy-to-use program, ''MamLand,'' was developed for the construction of a Mamdani fuzzy inference system and employed in MATLAB. Using this newly developed program,(More)
We investigated the publication trends in the international earth science literature coming out of Turkey in the period of 1970–2005 using the Science Citation Index Expanded database. A database of 2310 earth science publications with at least one of the authors with an address in Turkey was compiled. The number of earth science publications from Turkey(More)