Ebrahim Dastgerdy

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BACKGROUND We aimed to determine whether high plasma triglyceride levels in the second trimester of pregnancy are associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes including preterm birth, gestational diabetes mellitus, pre-eclampsia and high uterine artery pulsatility index. METHODS This prospective cohort study was done between 2008 and 2010. Plasma levels of(More)
BACKGROUND Group B streptococcus colonization in pregnant women usually has no symptoms, but it is one of the major factors of newborn infection in developed countries. In Iran, there is a little information about the prevalence of maternal colonization and newborns infected by group B streptococcus. In order to find the necessary information to create a(More)
Isotretinoin is a drug used for treating severe cystic/nodular acne. Severe malformations have been documented in neonates whose mothers had taken isotretinoin during pregnancy. Women who became pregnant one cycle after completing therapy are believed to be at teratogenic risk not higher than baseline. We describe the case of a newborn whose mother had(More)
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